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In British English it is placed outside. In my opinion if you put the full stop always inside the quotes or always outside youre over-simplifying the rule whether in AmE or BrE.

The placement of punctuation relative to a closing quotation mark is surprisingly complex.

Full Stop Quotes. Exclamation Marks and Question Marks. In this case after the quotation mark. When people speak during their interactions.

Inside or outside according to logic. Analysis of texts indicates that approximately half of all punctuation marks used are full stops. However if you use a heading at the beginning of a paragraph as part of the text this would normally close with a full stop or a colon.

Persoanlly I use single quotes most of the time for word or phrases that are not so much quotes as being used in some oblique way like. Generally a full stop is not used at the end of a title heading or subheading. A full stop is a punctuation mark that we most often use at the end of a declarative sentence.

Is it still true to say that there aint no such thing as a free. BlackBillBlake resigned HipForums Supporter. She asked Do you love me Did she say I love you.

Full stop is not a real end – Click on the link to continue reading this SMS text message posted in – Wise SMS Quotes collection by SMS4Smile. Social Media Marketing Platforms. In the first example there is no carrier sentence so the full stop belongs within the quotation marks.

An activist group and I love you. Here putting the full stop inside the closing quotes as required by the conventionalists would produce an idiotic result since the whole point of the quotation is that the lamented general didnt live long enough to finish it. There must always be a full stop or equivalent at the end of the sentence.

I cant wait until we meet again in June. The woman said One of. It is not a grammatically complete sentence.

Like this Quotes without a. Note that in US English the full stop usually goes inside the quotation marks in all cases. I just randomly picked out a couple of English novels – the full stops and other punctuation marks are all within the inverted commas.

Well in US English the full stop goes inside the closing quotation mark in this sentence. Whether the direct speech ends with a full stop a question or an exclamatory mark the punctuation mark must be within the quotes. I know she said.

If youre quoting a complete sentence the full stop comes within the quotes. The worldly life means something superficial. There is no need for one before the quotation mark because the final one serves to close both statements.

Commas and Periods Full Stops inside in the US outside in the UK I know she said. Or how do I use punctuation here. He used a dash – instead.

1 quote have been tagged as full-stop-and-comma. This is just the tip of the iceberg however. If I place a quotation at the end of a question do I end the quote with a full stop then place closing quotation marks and then a question mark.

BlackBillBlake Jun 30 2017. Only put the full stop inside the closing quotes if it is logically ending a whole sentence being quoted. I am clever The word is clever.

If the quoted words do not end with a full stop then the full stop goes outside the quotation marks. In the second example the full stop applies to the whole sentencenot just the part contained within quotation marksand falls outside the quotation. On a side note James Joyce apparently had a thing against inverted commas calling them perverted commas.

They may take you for a fool promise to shower you with the world use their canny devastating tongue to manipulate and dominate your mind but its better to put them bulshit people at arms length rather than falling into the arms of infidelity. I love you She has read War and Peace. The Telegraph style guide advises simply that quotes introduced with a colon end with the full stop inside the quotation mark.

A full stop also known as a period in American English is one of the most commonly used punctuation marks in the English language. If the quoted words end with a full stop then the full stop goes inside the quotation marks. BE prefers double quotes for first quotation then single for nesting and so on.

The quotation and the main sentence itself. You can see and example of this in the heading examples directly below. In this example the article the was taken away thus making the sentence incomplete.

There are two meanings for 381. The full stop here is placed after the end quotation mark because technically the sentence quoted cannot stand on its own. On the other hand if the main sentence itself is all a quotation the full stop.

You may follow your own preference in this matter so long as you are consistent.

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