Formatting Block Quotes In Word

This video demonstrates how to indent both sides of a paragraph for a block quote. Double-space the block quote.

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If you just created the block quote you can hit the Undo button.

Formatting Block Quotes In Word. Block quotations start on their own line. Do use double quotation marks to enclose any quoted material within a block quotation Place period at the end of the quote. APA requires that any quotation over 40 words be started on a new line indented5 inches from the margin double spaced without quotation marks essentially a block quote.

Formatting Block Quotes 2 Steps Components of Block Quote Format Common Issues with Block Quotes Formatting Block Quotes STEP 1. Do not enclose the direct quote in quotation marks. Smart quotes dont seem all that intelligent when they mess up the formatting in certain files or on web pages.

Begin the block quote on a new line. If that isnt available highlight the paragraph you want to unblock and right-click. If the text preceding the block quote is a complete sentence use a colon to introduce the quote.

Indent each line of the block quote by ½ inch. Any quotation containing 40 or more words should be formatted as a Block Quote Do not use quotation marks to enclose block quotations. Its the blue arrow at the very top of the tabs on the left.

Always introduce block quotes in your own words. In this video tutorial we will show you how to create a block quote in Microsoft WordDont forget to check out our site httphowtechtv for more free how. If the quote is a continuation of the sentence that precedes it.

A preformatted style is included in the AU Template to help you quickly achieve this. Provide an introduction to the quote. Punctuate the quoted material with a period before the parenthetical citation with no ending punctuation after the parentheses.

Like the rest of your MLA format paper the block quote should be double spaced. Block Text is still available in Word 2010 but theyve tarted it up beyond all recognition. The entire block quotation is indented 05 inches the same as the indentation for a new paragraph and is double spaced.

The default is5 which is what APA requires. First put the quoted text. Type in the quote on a new line in your document.

The AU Thesis and Dissertation Guide suggests that block quotes of 5 lines or more be set in block style. A block quote must be introduced in your own words to show how it fits into your argument or analysis. The following is a list of the unique formatting that is needed for block quotations.

Under the Indentation area change the number in the Left. Select the Paragraph menu from the list of options. So it can be a good idea to change the default smart-quote setting in Microsoft.

Indent the entire quote half an. You can either apply the style remove all the jazzy formatting and then update the style or you can create a Block Quote or Extract style that is just indented left and. Start with a sentence or two that shows the reader why you are including the quote and how it fits into your argument.

After the introductory sentence add a colon and then start the quote on a new line. Highlight the quote and select the indent symbol in the Paragraph toolbar as shown below. Block quotes are identical in APA and MLA other than the parenthetical.

Block quotations are not surrounded by any quotation marks. To format a block quote in Word. A block quotation is a distinct body of type set off from the default text also called the running text usually distinguished by insertion of line spaces above and below and formatting of a narrower margin and sometimes even type of a different point size or a distinct font.

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