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Im running out of time. You lied to me.

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Im not gonna miss my one chance to cross the bridge cause you want to live out some stupid musical fantasy.

Coco movie hector quotes. You learn about him in a way thats both believable and surprising. I have to sing I have to. We may have our differences but nothings more important than family.

Nothings more important than family Miguel Coco Click To Tweet One cannot deny who one is meant to be – Ernesto de la Cruz Coco Click To Tweet. This is my fault not yours. The feeling so close you can reach out and touch it.

Rosita also known as Tia Rosita or Rosita Rivera was a member of the Rivera family the sister of Julio Rivera sister-in-law of Coco Rivera and Miguel Riveras great-great-aunt. He stands out in a movie that already has plenty of great characters. Mamá Coco about her father src Héctor Rivera is the deuteragonist of the 2017 Disney Pixar animated feature film Coco.

Role in the film. Oh youre the one to talk. He was a musician in life who died and became a resident of the Land of the Dead.

Héctor is the deuteragonist from Pixars Academy Award winning film Coco. He is also the great-great grandfather of the films protagonist Miguel RiveraWhen Miguel gets lost in the Land of the Dead Héctor acts as his main guide in his quest to find the famed singer Ernesto de la Cruz and return to the. I dont even know if Im gonna last the night.

I wanted to forget you. While there Héctor and Chicharrón share some banter and a final drink together as Chicharrón is slowly fading. He was a friend of Héctor in the Land of the Dead.

I wouldnt be surprised if when I do put together my top 20 Pixar movie list Coco will be in the. However this is the full title song thus they are still relevant. Im taking you to your family.

The music its not just in me it is me. Once the character of Hector is set up with a story the audience finds out he is dying for real. Narrating Actually my name is Miguel.

But as the movie goes on you learn so much about his character depth. Im being forgotten Miguel. I never knew I could want something so much but its true.

Mama Coco has trouble remembering things. You dont have to forgive him. You are just the guy who murdered him and stole his songs.

Ernesto de la Cruz. Quotes for layers four and five and technically six come only from the lyric video found above and I dont believe are in the actual movie. In DisneyPixars Coco aspiring musician and young boy named Miguel voice of Anthony Gonzalez teams up with charming trickster and new friend named Héctor voice of Gael García Bernal on an extraordinary journey through the Land of the Dead.

Source Chicharrón is a minor character in the 2017 DisneyPixar animated feature film Coco. View Quote confronting Ernesto de la Cruz for his lies Hector is the real musician. I used to run like this.

Your papá loved you so much. Emotional Coco Movie Quotes If theres no one left in the living world to remember you you disappear from this world. He seems like a criminal at times.

But its good to talk to her anyway. Kiss Cocos cheek Mama Coco. View Quote after singing Remember me to Mamá Coco He loved you Mamá Coco.

Becoming roped into her brother and sister-in-laws family business she became a. But you can change that -Hector You dont have to forgive him but we shouldnt forget him -Miguel I have to sing I have to play. He was a Mexican musician in life and became a residential spirit in the Land of the Dead in death.

Héctor helped Miguel in his quest to find the famous singer Ernesto de la Cruz and escape the Land of the Dead. Ernesto de la Cruz. The foreshadow of Hectors death.

So I tell her pretty much everything. After agreeing to enter a music contest to meet Ernesto de la Cruz Héctor takes Miguel Rivera to his friend Chicharrón to get a guitar. I wanted Coco to forget you too but.

When life gets me down I play my guitar. But now I run like this its just way faster. How are you Julio.

But you shouldnt forget him.

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